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If he commits murder, he will solidify his bona fides as a member of the group, which could have real intelligence value.

This conjectural arithmetic of means and ends is what makes the handling of informants so fraught.

That is where the movie ends, and the Bulger story, too, might have ended there, with the man vanishing, forever untouchable.

Connolly is serving forty years in prison; John Morris received immunity and testified against him.“Our folklore bled with the names of informers who had sold out their brethren to hangmen and worse in the lands of our ancestors.” In deference to Whitey’s sensitivities on this point, Connolly never referred to him as an informant.

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English notes, “was impeccable.”) He liked wine, so Bulger gave him a case, and then another.What if beheading the hostage might save a hundred lives?